This is the fourth post in our “Behind the Scenes With…” series. We’ll be going Behind The Scenes With: Adam F., one of our invaluable software developers, to see what part he plays in our great operation!

Adam F., Software Developer

Q: What department do you work in at ExakTime?

A: I work in our Software Development Department. We’re responsible for designing, implementing, and supporting ExakTime’s software products.

Q: What is your title?

A: Software Developer, a.k.a, Writer of Code, a.k.a. Sir Codes-A-Lot.

Q: How do you spend 80% of your day?

A: Most of my day is spent at a computer writing code with Visual Studio for ExakTime Connect. I’m either implementing new features, enhancing performance, or pair programming with my colleagues.

Q: And the other 20%?

A: The other 20% of my time is spent in meetings both designing and planning new features for ExakTime Connect.

Q: What is the task you are most often challenged by in your job?

A: A challenge that we are always presented with in our work is deliver products that work reliably, respect the user, are fast, and that look good.

Q. What’s your favorite thing about your job?

A: Always having new features to design and code, it presents new technical challenges and I really enjoy building something new from the ground up.

Q: What’s the best thing about working at ExakTime?

A: Being able to work with a great group of colleagues who are really smart, dedicated, and passionate about software craftsmanship! It’s really great being able to come into work and learn something new every day from my colleagues.

Q: Favorite ExakTime product or feature, and why?

A: ExakTime Connect! It opens up so many new and exciting possibilities for ExakTime and our clients.

Q: Latest good movie/TV show you watched?

A: Really enjoying that latest season of Agents of Shield!