Note: This post is the first in our new “Behind the Scenes With…” series, each of which will be taking a look behind the curtain at an ExakTime employee to see exactly what part they play in our great operation here. So without further ado….

Jessica G., ExakTime EPS Coordinator
Jessica G., EPS Coordinator

Q: What department do you work in at ExakTime?

A: I work in our Technical Support Department. The Tech Department takes care of any technical support questions our customers may have. The department also helps introduce the ExakTime system to our new customers, including software installation and product training.

Q: What’s your full title?

A: EPS (ExakTime Professional Services) Coordinator

Q: How do you spend 80% of your day?

A: Most of my time is spent calling out to brand-new customers to schedule appointments with our technicians to have the software installed and training started. I also schedule training sessions with current customers for their new employees who have never used our system, or if they have purchased a new product they have never used.

Q: And the other 20%?

A: Most of my additional time is spent reaching out to our new customers to see how the system is working for them and if they need any additional training. I’m also part of the ExakTime Party Planning Committee. We plan special events for our employees such as the ExakTime Departmental Competition, barbecues, company outings, and our end-of-year holiday party.

Q: What is the question you field most often from customers?

A: What are the steps involved in implementing the system. We set up three calls: the first is for the installation of the software that can last anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour; the following business day is the 2-hour training to get the new customer up to speed to take full advantage of our product; about a week into using the system is the final 1-hour training, to show how the data is integrated with their accounting package.

“I like being the first to interact with a new customer, and hearing how excited they are to start using our system.” – Jessica G.

Q. Whats your favorite thing about your position or job?

A: It keeps me very organized to have to schedule calls for multiple people. Also, I like being being the first to interact with a new customer, and hearing how excited they are to start using our system.

Q: Best thing about working at ExakTime?

A: Knowing ExakTime really cares about their employees. They do lots of things for us, such as monthly lunches, company outings, and parties. They also set us up with great benefits to show their appreciation for the work we do throughout the year.

Q: Last but not least, what is your favorite ExakTime product or feature, and why?

A: My favorite product would have to be ExakTime Mobile. For any company with workers who are mobile out in the field, it makes clocking in with an app on your phone so simple. Also, the FaceFront Biometrics feature (which takes photos of employees as they clock in) is great for companies that are worried about buddy-punching.