Note: This is the third post in our “Behind the Scenes With…” series. We’ll be going Behind The Scenes With: Jessica M., our customer service supervisor, to see what part she plays in our great operation!

Jessica M., Customer Service Supervisor

Q: What department do you work in at ExakTime?

A: I work in the Customer Service & Shipping Department.

Q: How do you spend 80% of your day?

A: Answering incoming phone calls. We have lots of customers with lots of different needs—and I enjoy doing my best to address those needs as professionally as possible. I also approve sales orders as they are generated by the sales team, and work with my team on how best to handle customer calls, web leads, support emails, and more.

Q: And the other 20%?

A: With the rest of my time I review all my daily emails to ensure I have dealt with each one of them. At the beginning or end of the day I meet with my team to ensure we are all on the same page and to see if they have questions or need clarification on any procedures.

Q: What is the question you field most often from customers?

A: People often want to know cost up-front, which is understandable. The truth, which I tell them, is that the cost depends on the amount of employees you would need to track and the type of system which best fits your company’s needs. I tell them one of our sales reps can prepare a quote easily after asking just a few quick questions.

Q. What’s your favorite thing about your job?

A: My favorite thing about my position is when I can answer a customer’s question right away without having to transfer them. This makes the customer happy, which makes me happy. I also really enjoy instilling confidence in my fellow team members.

Q: What’s the best thing about working at ExakTime?

A: The best thing about working at ExakTime is management. Doors are always open to talk.

Q: Favorite ExakTime product or feature, and why?

A: My favorite ExakTime product is ExakTime Mobile. ExakTime Mobile is right in line with today’s technology. Most people have a smartphone these days, and everyone is always using an app for something—why not for tracking time?

Q: Latest good movie/TV show you watched?

A: The last great show I’ve seen would have to be Sons of Anarchy (thank goodness for Hulu Plus).