When companies look for time tracking software, it’s often a struggle to find one that meets their exact needs. So businesses end up with a one-size fits all solution that sort of works, but comes with plenty of compromises.

At ExakTime, we don’t believe in cookie-cutter approaches to time tracking. We want to pair you with the features you need to make the most of your time tracking system.
Here are just a few features that make us the best custom time tracking solution for your staff:

A Range of Clock-In Options

Most time tracking solutions offer one way for your staff to clock in and out, whether that’s through an app, desktop program, a fob-scanning machine, or some other method. But with ExakTime, you’ll have access to a variety of time tracking options—and you can even mix and match.

For employees on the go, our staff timesheet app makes clocking in from the road or a remote job site easy. Just have your employees install the app on their phone and it will send all the data to the cloud for instant review anytime, from any browser-based device.

We’ve also got rugged time clocks that are perfect for construction, warehouses and other long-term or heavy-duty job sites. These clocks collect digital time tracking data that syncs to the cloud, so that you can check time tracking data from anywhere.

Features for Different Workforces

ExakTime is constantly looking for ways to make your workforce more efficient, regardless of what industry you’re in. We’ll work with you to pair your time tracking solution with features that are right for your business.

Struggling with buddy punching? Our time clock app comes with a biometric photo verification system so that you can make sure the employee punching in is who they say they are.

You can also set up geofences and track punches by GPS location to make sure your employees are getting paid for time they actually worked at the job site, and our Field Notes feature lets employees keep you posted on situations at the job site with photo, text and voice updates.

Simplified Workforce Management

While many time tracking solutions are content to stop at collecting time and attendance data, we want to put that data to work for you. Whether it’s through a variety of actionable time tracking reports or our seamless payroll integration, ExakTime makes managing your staff easier from punch-in to paycheck.

Want to find the perfect time tracking solution for you? Contact us using the form below and we’ll be in touch to pair you with the features you actually need.