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When you run a small business, you’ve got enough on your plate without worrying about losing time and money because of an inefficient time tracking system. Maybe you rely on paper time cards as a cost-effective approach, but find yourself spending too much time on payroll.

Or maybe you know you’re paying more for labor than you should be, but don’t have a way to prove it. That’s why you need time clock software designed for small businesses.

ExakTime is one of the best time clocks for small businesses that are looking to cut costs and make more efficient use of their employees’ time. Keep reading to see how ExakTime can help ease a variety of time tracking issues facing small businesses.

You’ll Be Able to Cut Costs and Save Time

If you’re using paper time cards because you think it’s cheaper than investing in technology—STOP! Handwritten time cards are prone to a wide range of mistakes and errors, plus you have to manually enter this data into your payroll software which, even with just a few employees, can take significant amounts of time and be prone to even more errors.

With ExakTime’s web-based time tracking system, you’ll be able to collect 100% accurate time and attendance data, then seamlessly export that data to your payroll software. This means you’ll be paying your employees for the exact hours they worked and spending significantly less time processing payroll each pay period.

Your Employees Can Track Time with Ease

Thanks to our mobile time clock app, your employees can clock in and out from anywhere from a wide range of devices. Whether it’s clocking in on a company iPad at the front desk or tracking time from an employee’s iPhone or Android device in the field, you’ll always have access to the data you need. This flexibility essentially turns any small business employees’ smartphone into a time clock.

It Scales with Your Company

Just because you’re a small business right now doesn’t mean you can’t have big aspirations. One growing pain that often comes with small business time tracking solutions is the inability for that system to scale as your business grows. Many systems simply can’t keep up with an expanding personnel roster, but ExakTime can seamlessly scale up and down to match the size of your workforce.

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