It’s nice to have your beliefs reaffirmed sometimes. For instance, we have long felt that it is better to do a few things really well than to do 15 or 50 things passably.

This pertains to the recent articles we’ve seen about the superior choice of “software stacking”, i.e. going with a few compatible softwares that each do one thing well, rather than trying to get a one-size-fits-all construction software that does everything.

Excellent Quality, Precise Focus

ExakTime has been in the time tracking business for nearly 18 years. We were founded by a contractor, so we have catered heavily to construction, construction-adjacent and field service industries the whole time.

This means that we have developed a system that we believe to be the easiest for employees and supervisors in terms of clocking in, selecting cost codes, snapping a FaceFront photo for ID verification, and clocking out. Other data is collected using their smartphone’s GPS capabilities.

Our system is also user-friendly and thorough on the back end, allowing administrators, managers, owners or anyone with permission to view where employees clocked in and out, to alert them to missed time punches, and to show them when an employee clocked in or out off-site.

Our Field Notes feature ensures that it is easy to communicate back in forth with the field via text, voice or audio, and for those updates to be quickly viewable and always “on file” with the job site in our software.

We offer Mobile Forms that employees can answer on clock-out, confirming they took breaks and were not injured, for automatic storage in the cloud.

Food for Thought

ExakTime doesn’t try to do everything. We add new features deliberately, making sure they work great before pushing them through. But what we do do, we know how to do, and we do it well. Customers also get the support they need to learn how to use our system to the maximum they wish.

So maybe when considering some of the technologies you’d like to implement to ease processes and save money for your construction company, you might opt to choose a few softwares that do one thing best—i.e. Scheduling, or bidding, or time tracking, or accounting—and can be synced to work together, rather than going with a software that throws everything into the soup pot without taste-testing, then doles out the same recipe to all customers.