Having a time and attendance tracking system that accurately and efficiently records and manages your employee’s attendance is essential no matter what industry you’re in. Unfortunately, far too many businesses still utilize time tracking methods that are inefficient at best and at wholly inaccurate at worst.

Pen and paper, old punch clocks- these methods for tracking your employees’ time are riddled with potential pitfalls. Employee’s can inflate their hours at the end of the week with a few simple pen strokes and buddy punching is as easy as getting a co-worker to slip your time card into the punch clock.

With these time tracking methods, there aren’t any safeguards protecting your business from time theft.

Biometrics Safeguard Your Time And Attendance Tracking

At ExakTime, we understand how frustrating and harmful rampant time theft can be for any business. It’s what drove us to develop a more effective and time theft-proof method for tracking time in the first place.

Part of creating a better time and attendance system is the addition of biometric identification as a safeguard, creating a biometric time and attendance system that is protected from being compromised by buddy punching and other forms of time theft.

Biometrics is a means of identification using a personal characteristic or trait.

The FaceFront Biometrics feature on our PocketClock/GPS mobile app ensures the employee being punched in is in fact the one doing the punching. It uses the front facing camera on their mobile device to snap a picture of the employee clocking in. That picture is then exported into our time tracking software, TimeSummit where it can be verified by your bookkeeper.

FaceFront Biometrics Is Perfect For The Construction Industry

FaceFront Biometrics is perfect for industries like construction and landscaping that often find their employees working outdoors in less than favorable conditions. More common biometric indicators simply don’t work in these kinds of settings.

Fingerprint recognition is the most common biometric indicator used and this can be problematic for industries where workers hands are getting dirty. A fingerprint scanner will have a tough time producing an accurate reading in these instances.

Facial recognition isn’t prone to these sorts of problems, making it an effective biometric indicator rain, snow, sleet or shine.

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