One of our biometric time clock’s best features is its ability to send detailed field notes back to the office.

Not only does PocketClock/GPS allow you to keep your home office informed about current employee time and attendance data, but you can also pass along other important specifics about employees, jobsites or cost codes.

Field notes can give you an up-to-date picture of how the workday is progressing – no matter the location of your jobsite.

Detailed Employee Management Made Easy

Sometimes the home office needs to know more about a specific employee or group of employees than when they clocked in or out.

Employee field notes allow you to flesh out the particulars by allowing a supervisor to send a note when an employee is going to be late, is a no show or another issue arises.

But a field note doesn’t always have to be about a problem.

Sometimes an employee deserves special recognition for a job well done. Employee field notes allow you to pass that information along quickly and easily.

Not Just Time And Attendance Tracking, Jobsite Tracking Too

PocketClock/GPS’ location field notes keep the office up-to-date with what’s happening at all your jobsites.

Keep the office promptly informed about the progress made at a jobsite. Pass along information about a particular problem or issue that arises at the site (a water pipe has broken, termite damage has been discovered or if a minor injury has occurred, for example).

Location field notes can save you a trip to the office too. Quickly let the office know when a particular item needs to be picked up or that you’ve run out of supplies.

More Than Words

PocketClock/GPS’s field notes feature doesn’t just let you tell the office what’s happening on the job, it lets you shows it too.

Picture field notes allow a supervisor or employee to attach a photo they’ve taken along with their written note. Show damage, progress or anything else a picture will help communicate.

But maybe a particular situation warrants more than just a picture and a short note.

Voice notes allow you to record and send a spoken message as an audio file. It’s great for those instances when you want to give a through explanation or if a particular employee struggles with typing on the handheld.

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