What Are Biometric Time Clocks?

Biometric time clocks utilize the forefront of technology to provide real-world solutions to the unique and multi-faceted time tracking, payroll and employee management issues that your business faces on a daily basis.

Biometrics is an automated, foolproof way of identifying a person based on a physical attribute – such as a fingerprint, face or even a voice.

Why Use Biometric Time Attendance?

Biometric time attendance that utilizes special tools to verify your employees’ identities is a time clock collecting time and attendance records you can be confident in.

Analog punch clocks or, worse yet, pen and paper time sheets are easily fooled, forged or altered.

Biometrics is your company’s line of defense against buddy punching and employee embellished attendance data issues, among others.

Who Should Use Biometric Time Attendance?

Any business can benefit from using biometrics with their time attendance systems, but it is especially great for companies with a mobile, off-site workforce.

In industries like construction, your workforce is often spread out across distant work sites. You can’t be everywhere at once to see for yourself that proper attendance procedures are being followed.

ExakTime’s FaceFront Biometrics is your digital set of eyes in the field and gives you peace of mind knowing that the right employees are where they need to be when they need to be there.

EaxkTime Mobile

ExakTime’s Biometric Time Attendance

Construction workers’ hands are often dirty; making fingerprints an impractical method of verifying an employee’s identity.

That’s why ExakTime’s Mobile Time Clock utilizes FaceFront Biometrics.

Each time an employee clocks in on a Smartphone or Tablet, the device’s front-facing camera snaps a picture, ensuring the employee being punched in is in fact the one doing the punching. The picture and accompanying data can then be instantly sent to the office, meaning easy identity verification for your bookkeeper.

FaceFront Biometrics makes your worries about inaccurate attendance data and inflated payrolls a thing of the past.

To learn more about biometric time attendance features of our mobile time clock or to find out more about any of ExakTime’s portable time and attendance systems, contact us today.