Last week, while digging to lay pipes under a park in Southern Spain, construction workers struck not gold, but bronze and silver(-coated coins).

    Workers found several ancient jars holding more than a ton of Roman coins that happen to be nearly 1,700 years old. (The Romans ruled Spain for a little over 200 years around that time, between the third and fifth centuries.) That’s a long time for something to be buried and unseen by a single soul.

    We won’t be finding ancient Roman coins buried in a U.S., unless they were brought here later, since Europeans didn’t land on our fair continent until 1492. But some pretty old artifacts have been found at construction sites recently, like a Revolutionary War ship found in January at the hotel construction site in Virginia, or the remains of an eighteenth century warehouse in the exact same area. Native American artifacts also abound.

    Have you ever found an interesting artifact on your construction site, whether from the 1800s or from the 1980s? Please tell us in your comments here.

    Next blog post on the topic: all the interesting historic stuff that’s been found by construction workers!