Compliance, and avoiding wage and hour lawsuits, is on a short list of important issues for most construction business owners. The more business owners who see automated time tracking as the best way to protect themselves in the event of an audit or labor law claim, the better.

CA Compliance Survey

We sent out a short survey last month of our California ExakTime customers to find out how our client base in the Golden State deals with prevailing wage and compliance challenges.

About half of the California respondents (46%) said they work prevailing wage jobs.

Many of these said they use the ExakTime system to track those jobs the same way they normally would, then manually adjust for the prevailing wage while completing payroll. Other customers choose to label a cost code or even a location as ‘Prevailing Wage’ in our software.

After the user has created a cost code such as “PW – roofing” or “PW – drywall” for employees to choose on Prevailing Wage jobs, then ‘PW’ hours are easy to separate in our Employee Time Card as well as reports like Employee Touch Detail, and Location Touch Detail. Cost codes are also visible once exported into QuickBooks or other accounting software.

When asked if they use our system to stay compliant with labor laws in general, 35% of California customers say they use ExakTime to collect accurate, long-term records that show they are following regulations—while 8% of respondents said they actually have used their digital ExakTime records to defend themselves in such a claim.