ExakTime’s geofence feature tracks in real time whether an employee was located inside or outside their job site’s geofence at clock-in and clock-out. However, it is up to the employee to select the correct job site name from a list at the point of clock-in—which wastes precious work time and invites errors.

An exciting new geofence update, available in our solution next week, eliminates the need for workers to scroll through a long list of jobs to find the one they need to clock into. It also shows clearly whether they are inside or outside their job site’s geofence before they clock in.

How does the GPS time tracking update help?

When workers enter their four-digit PIN in our ExakTime Mobile app and our Locations screen comes up, a new “Inside the Geofence” list at the top of the screen will show any and all locations the employee is currently within the geofence range for, with a green compass symbol next to each.

Below this, workers can still find an alphabetical list of all locations in your system. The green compass symbol will also appear in this list next to the locations whose geofence the employee is inside.

“Outside the geofence” warning

We’ve also added a new warning option for workers attempting to clock in or out of a job site when they are outside of the geofence range.

If a company turns on warning permissions, the app will deliver a warning to employees who are attempting to clock into a job site outside of a geofence or whose geofence location is unknown. You can also require a comment if the worker still wishes to clock in at the location.

Companies can also elect to prohibit employees from clocking in outside the geofence. As we state in the software, before implementing this restriction, business owners or admins should check with their state and local labor laws when restricting clock-ins under any circumstances.

Please note that the users’ Location Services must be enabled for any of the above warnings to work properly. If this update is enabled and Location Services is off, users will receive a warning that they are clocking in outside the geofence. If your admin makes Location Services required for use of our app, users will receive that prompt first.

This new geofence functionality is one more way that ExakTime is helping make sure that employees are where they are supposed to be and are clocking in at the right job site. This update can be assigned based on employee security role, so it can be rolled out to specific groups of employees if you so choose.

Any questions? Please give us a call!