ClockPoint Connect brings the ExakTime system into the office

You’ve got the JobClock for remote jobsites and the PocketClock for employee time and attendance tracking as they move between locations. Portable and mobile time clocks certainly solve all your out-of-office time tracking problems, but businesses still need an in-office time clock. That’s where ClockPoint Connect of The ExakTime System can help.

If The ExakTime System utilizes rugged time clocks capable of withstanding harsh weather and temperatures, imagine how well it can work in a standard, web-based format. ClockPoint Connect’s technology for time and attendance tracking works similarly to the PocketClock, but there are a few obvious differences.

Like any other web-based time clock system, ClockPoint Connect requires employees to log in with a username and password, select their work location and activity, and finally click on the green “Go” or red “Stop” button to clock in or out.

Benefits of Time and Attendance in the Office

ClockPoint Connect does even more to make your time tracking and accounting system run easier. If you’re a manager overseeing multiple remote jobs from the office, you can easily monitor each location using The ExakTime System’s TimeSummit time tracking software. Anytime you have a question about job activity, employee allocation, work crews, or time data, TimeSummit will collect the data from all time clocks – at the jobsite, on the road or in the office – and organize the time records into clean, accurate time and attendance reports.

In addition to time tracking from the office, ClockPoint Connect is an easy and accurate way to monitor current job activities and locations. The award-winning ExakTime System ensures you save time and m

oney while maximizing employee satisfaction, and ClockPoint Connect is an ideal way to do this in the office.