How ExakTime Works

clockshark compared to exaktime

ClockShark and others have entered the market, but ExakTime remains No. 1

Although there are a couple of worthy competitors like ClockShark in the market, ExakTime has continued to win our place at Number One thanks to the expertise, wisdom and unmatched support that we provide.

ExakTime pioneered time and attendance in the construction industry over 18 years ago, and allows you to view data from our three collection options in our secure cloud-based software anytime, anywhere.

ClockShark and others have similar models

We are flattered to see other companies trying to become what ExakTime has spent a long time earning.

ExakTime has attracted a host of other, smaller players to the field, some of whom are trying to provide the same features and support than we do, at a lower price: apps like ClockShark and BusyBusy are among them.

In a basic way, these apps offer a similar product to what ExakTime offers. They let you track individuals or crews in the field, they record the time accurately. They let you review and/or edit the time in their cloud-based software. They offer reports by time period, employee or job site.

You get what you pay for

ExakTime offers many important and field-tested features and options for construction time tracking that our competitors do not (or that aren’t as robust in the platforms offered by ClockShark or BusyBusy).

For one thing, we integrate fully with a wide variety of major accounting programs like QuickBooks, Sage, Foundation and others, and many smaller ones as well. That doesn’t mean downloading a .cms or Excel file that you will then have to upload into your accounting software.

With ExakTime, you can match the fields from many popular accounting softwares into ours, so that everything is ready to go when you start ExakTime. Then you easily sync that data back to your payroll package—no more double data entry.

More features that matter

With ExakTime, your workers can use our Field Notes to send text, audio or voice updates straight from the job site.

Field Notes appear in real-time on the dashboard of our cloud-based software or can be checked anytime, keeping decision-makers and the whole team informed on important issues.

Human nature dictates that buddy-punching will never go away completely, not even with today’s technology. That’s why ExakTime also provides you with photo ID verification for clock-ins on our time clock app, so you always know who actually clocked in—not just whose PIN was punched into the app.

Three ways to track time

Another essential difference with ExakTime is that we offer other ways to track the time that goes into our cloud-based software: two wireless and rugged clocks that withstand any weather and any amount of dirt and grime your job site wants to throw at them. Our wireless JobClock Hornet even sends time punches to the cloud every hour, allowing the office to oversee remote crews in real time.

ExakTime was started by a contractor and has gotten to know the construction industry, its associated industries, and their needs like the backs of our hands. That’s why so many of our customers rave about Field Notes, the reliability of our clocks, the ease of payroll with our system—and our amazing U.S.-based support.

So talk to our competitors—hey, try them out, if you want. But we’ll see you at ExakTime soon.