Being able to access your media, documents and your data in the cloud, from wherever you are, is revolutionizing multiple industries.

ExakTime has found a way to help impact your business and your bottom line by pushing time and attendance records into the cloud.

Time Records Always at the Office

The idea behind our cloud based time tracking is that you will always have access to time records for your remote workforce.

So instead of having to collect your employees’ hours that may be stored and held on a device that stays at a jobsite, ExakTime’s cloud service stores all of that data and pushes it wirelessly into TimeSummit so it can be accessed from the office at all times.

How Can Cloud Based Time Tracking Benefit Your Business?

Having access to time records at your office at all times means no more traveling to remote work sites to collect time records, saving time it would normally add on to the person that’s collecting them. It also cuts costs on fuel by not having to go out and collect time records.

Another great benefit of cloud based time tracking is that you’ll always be up-to-date on your employees’ whereabouts and their hours. With records always in the office, you’ll know which employees are at each work site.

Are there too many workers at one work site and too few at another? Are John and Steve nearing overtime with 4 hours left in the afternoon?

By staying current with your time and attendance data, you’ll be able to allocate your resources to better fit the needs of your projects and save on wasted overtime costs.

If you have any questions regarding ExakTime’s cloud service or any of portable, mobile, or wireless time tracking solutions contact us today!