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Who said owning a business was easy? There are many different factors that a business owner has to juggle. Some examples include customer and employee happiness, brand reputation, quality of work, codes & compliance, and last but not least, profitability. Those last two items—codes & compliance, and remaining profitable—may have a closer relationship than you think.

Compliance codes can get complicated, and with rudimentary paper time and labor tracking methods that rely on the honors system, making sure you stay compliant can be a headache at best. Davis-Bacon mandates that workers on federal contracts be paid the local prevailing wage. State Worker’s Comp laws require that employers compensate workers for any injury that occurs on the clock, regardless of fault. There is a federal overtime law, and some states have additional overtime regulations. Worktime meal and break laws vary by state.

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Costly Errors

Violating these laws can lead to huge fines. These fines could even put a small company out of business. Keeping good time and attendance records is essential insurance against fines or even legal damages. Surprisingly, a large number of companies still do not see time tracking as one of the the most important aspects of their business.

Time and Headache-Saving Solutions

ExakTime offers a suite of time tracking solutions that not only make payroll quicker and more efficient, but also help you keep close tabs on when employees are on the job site, what activity they are doing, and whether they have entered overtime. All of your records are saved permanently in our software and sorted in a logical fashion for later review or retrieval.

Each of our three powerful time solutions—ExakTime Mobile, the wireless JobClock Hornet, and JobClock/EX—provides its own benefits to every company. ExakTime Mobile—an app for use on your mobile device—offers advanced management tools that tell you not only where workers are and what activities they’re doing, but also let you monitor the materials or equipment being used by whom at what time, which has safety as well as economic value. The rugged Hornet sends records back to your office hourly so you can monitor attendance and keep an eye out for overtime throughout the day and week. JobClock/EX collects 100% accurate time records and stores them securely, standing up to the worst weather and site conditions.

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