Slowly but surely, the construction industry is rebounding: according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, after a slow-growth stretch of half a year, 20,000 jobs were added in September and 12,000 more in October.

So if it’s a new day for the industry, why not ride the wave of change and make it a new day for your construction business? Why not jump on starting some good new habits to replace the old, tired ones that are sucking up valuable resources and keeping you stuck in the past?

Here are three great habits to form as you look ahead to a stronger future:

  1. Better Team Communication.

    Knowing who’s doing what – when, where, and how – is one great way to eliminate waste from your business and job sites.

    Improving communication between you and your job sites doesn’t have to create a Big Brother mentality. Keep the focus on cooperation. When supervisors and employees know what each other are doing and the progress being made, better decisions and closer estimates can be made going forward – in turn, saving you time and making your business more profitable.

    Our ExakTime Mobile App not only tracks time down the minute with GPS pinpoint accuracy, you can also improve job site communication using its Field Notes features. Or keep track of who’s on what project at your job sites with the Wireless JobClock Hornet.

  2. Improved Time Keeping.

    Paper time cards are the wave of the past. They use up paper, of course – but there’s also the workers’ time spent filling them out at the end of the week, and the time and resources spent picking them up from job sites and converting them into payroll or other analytics.

    When you use our rugged time clocks, you’re crunching time keeping down into a quick, easy process both for your employees and for you.

    Digital time keeping also eliminates potential errors: employees simply touch green and red Keytabs to our JobClock Hornet or touch their phone’s screen with Exaktime Mobile, and their data down to the exact minute is stored and transmitted easily and wirelessly back to the office.

    Then you can share the information with your payroll software with our AccountLinx Plus software and bid farewell to hours of tedious data entry and human keyboard errors.

  3. Better Overtime Oversight.

    Unscheduled overtime not only means paying workers at a premium, but it is often done when they are fatigued, slowing down productivity and costing you – or your clients – more.

    By managing your projects more closely, you can stop the slow bleed of revenue before it starts.

    Our JobClock Hornet collects information on everyone’s comings and goings and sends it to your office wirelessly and automatically every hour. You’ll know without leaving your desk when Mike and John got in, what project they’re on, and how many hours they’ve worked today or this week, allowing you to plan for payroll instead of reacting to the Friday payroll panic.

    For more information about how ExakTime’s wireless, paperless time keeping system is the wave of the future – your future – contact us.