Construction is a labor-intensive industry that requires contractors to track workers in difficult, remote locations. That’s why traditional time and attendance software just won’t cut it.

ExakTime, the industry’s #1 time and attendance software company, provides the wireless, mobile and rugged time tracking solutions contractors need to track their workers and save big money every pay period.

Time and attendance software for any environment

The ExakTime System was designed by a contractor, for contractors. It consists of three primary time clocks – all offering their own unique features to fit any business.

The first option is JobClock Hornet.

As the first ever rugged, wireless time clock, JobClock Hornet tracks labor in real-time and automatically sends 100% accurate time records, every hour, back to our powerful time and attendance software in your office.

With its rechargeable, 30-day battery, JobClock Hornet was built to survive the outdoors for construction and other labor-intense industries, like landscaping, snow removal, electrical services and more.

Our second option is PocketClock/GPS mobile time clock software.

PocketClock/GPS is a mobile time tracking app that runs on Smartphones – iPhones, Androids and BlackBerry’s. The mobile app tracks workers, locations, job activities and equipment in real-time with pinpoint GPS precision.

Supervisors can wirelessly send PocketClock’s labor records from their Smartphone back to our time and attendance software for your bookkeepers to review on the fly.

Third is our original rugged, portable time clock: JobClock/EX.

JobClock/EX was built for fixed locations. It tracks workers, job sites and job activities in real-time, down to the exact minute. Using JobClock/EX’s bluetooth functions, supervisors can sync the records from the clock, to their Smartphone, and wirelessly send them to our time and attendance software in your office.

Time and attendance software and reports

Once the records are gathered by TimeSummit, our industry-leading time tracking software, bookkeepers can review and edit the labor records – if needed – and generate 100% accurate digital time cards and reports for their business.

With the simple click of a button, they can also export records from our time and attendance software to their own ccounting package – in just seconds.

With three innovative time clock solutions, The ExakTime System makes it easier than ever for contractors to take control of the most uncontrollable cost: Labor.