When you’re trying to get an idea of how long specific activities are taking your workers, you’re probably relying on rough estimates from a site supervisor or an employee struggling to remember at the end of the week. With ExakTime, you can remove all the guesswork from cost code tracking.

Accurate time tracking for different cost codes can significantly improve how your business operates, and you can do this easily with our powerful mobile app or with our rugged, outdoor time clocks.

See How Your Employees Are Spending Their Day

It’s a cinch to track time and cost codes with ExakTime Mobile, our award-winning time tracking app. After entering a unique four-digit PIN number, workers simply select a cost code before they hit ‘Go’—and their activity is tracked along with their hours.

Changing jobs mid-morning or midday? All they need to do is clock in with a new activity and hit ‘Go’ again, and their time continues tracking. When their records sync throughout the day, you’ll know where workers’ time—and your money—is going.

With our two rugged clocks, employees use green or red Keytabs to clock in and out. For tracking cost codes, they can use one of our different colored Keytabs that you link to a cost code. For a greater range, program up to 1,000 different cost codes into our handy FastTrakker—or create cost code “sets” depending on a certain worker’s task list.

JobClock Hornet will automatically store this data and send it to your office every hour so you can keep track of what’s getting done when.

Identify Potential Weaknesses

Tracking cost codes helps you see what parts of the job are claiming most of your workers’ time, tipping you off to which areas of your business could use extra manpower or other improvements.

Think a project should be taking an hour, but it’s actually taking three? Our cost code tracking solutions can tell you, and then you can figure out what’s making the task more difficult.

With ExakTime Mobile, your workers can record Field Notes on their own device to detail any issues that come up, including pictures, voice, and text—which can also give you a clearer idea for the best solution.

Understanding your company’s strengths and weaknesses is the first step toward a better, more profitable business. Sort out the issues and see the benefit in your bottom line.

Understand How You’re Spending Your Money

Using ExakTime solutions, you can confidently record to-the-minute details about how much time each task takes your workers. You can use this information to create data-driven bids for future projects and make sure you’re providing an efficient price for the time you expect.