Dear Valued Customer,

I want to thank you for being an ExakTime customer. It’s people like you that make us proud to be construction’s #1 attendance tracker.

You and I both know that employee turnover is part of any business. And these transitions can hurt the flow of everyday business tasks, like payroll.

I wanted to invite you to call so we can make sure you’re getting the most out of your ExakTime system.

Our U.S.-based tech support team is here to help you fix any issues you may have.

Here are a few ways we can help:


If the employee who managed your ExakTime system is no longer with you, we’ll train someone else to takeover operations.

Employee Adoption Problems

We have plenty of ideas on how to get your workers on board with your system – just in case you’re having trouble.

General Operation

We’ll get you reacquainted with old features and a few new ones too.

Now’s the time to fix any software, hardware or personnel problems you may have.

When you call, tell them John O. sent you.

Best regards,
John O’Hara