We recently conducted a survey on customer satisfaction with ExakTime’s time and attendance systems, and were very pleased to receive over 500 helpful responses. We also picked a random survey respondent to receive a new iPad mini—congrats to winner Mary Elliott of Elco Painting in North Kingstown, Rhode Island!

Positive Comments (Our Favorite)

We received dozens of compliments from customers ranging from construction, roofing, and landscaping companies to school systems employing bus driver fleets. Though we won’t include them all here, we can assure you that each of them made us feel glad and encouraged that our products are helping companies save money and time! We were also happy to hear that the support of our hardworking team has assisted so many of our customers.

“ExakTime has been very responsive and courteous with us in our first year with them, and we are proceeding with a second year.” – C.C., NorthCross Roofing

ExakTime has been a great solution to the payroll challenges we were facing. -A.S., Alamance-Burlington School System

“Your customer service is excellent. It is one of the reasons I would recommend you guys to others.” -J.S., Mark Uriu, Inc.

“I was unsure that I would see anywhere close to the savings that was suggested in the literature but the savings realized exceeded that! Not only the hours that were being overbilled on the timesheets but the extra job costs I was able to bill that had been missed prior to using this system.” -S.K., Insulation and Drywall Contractors, Inc.

“It has been a great tool. I used to manually calculate everyone’s timesheet and now there is no question if someone came into work or did not—everything is recorded. This is an excellent product! Thank you.” -L.P., Foundation Repair Contractors

“ExakTime has been a great solution to the payroll challenges we were facing.” -A.S., Alamance-Burlington School System

Constructive Criticism

There was also some constructive feedback, of course—which was much appreciated! We like to know what our customers are thinking and where they see room for improvement.

Some respondents mentioned the length of customer service waits and the call-back system:

“Customer service is great, although it is inconvenient to have to leave a message and have someone call me back. It was better when you had staff to handle my calls the first time I called.” -R.W., CityLink Construction

“Too long of wait times on customer service calls.” – A., Alaska Renovators

We know that customer service wait times have been longer recently, and we sympathize. The reason for this is mostly good news: with the economy rebounding, construction has been coming back—and ExakTime has been growing so fast it’s a challenge to keep up! However, we have also been bringing on new team members at a faster rate than ever, which we hope will alleviate this issue.

When we asked about any new features you’d like to see, a number of people noted that they they’d like an “approval” mechanism for employee hours in our systems:

“[An] hours agreement—something similar to a signature agreement for hours worked for the day. We now have ‘Were you injured?’, it would be great if there was a button for ‘Are your hours correct?’ and have that serve as a signature approval.” – J.K., Gothic Landscape

“A check box for manager to approve the time cards.” – D.B., Molycorp

We have heard your call about this issue and others. Rest assured that there are some goodies coming up in the next year that will make time and labor tracking with ExakTime even easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does ExakTime offer a way that I can track time on my smartphone?

A: Yes, we do. Our ExakTime Mobile app turns your smartphone or tablet into a time clock with a variety of powerful features such as biometrics and GPS goefencing.

Q: Do any of your clocks automatically send our time records back to the office?

A: Yes. Both our JobClock Hornet and the ExakTime Mobile app send records back to the office automatically—every hour with the Hornet and every four hours with ExakTime Mobile (with the option of syncing manually whenever you want).

Q: How can we verify our employees’ identity at clock-in through biometrics?

A: ExakTime Mobile turns your smartphone into a timeclock and offers FaceFront Biometrics to snap a photo of each worker as they’re clocking in and out, which gets automatically saved in TimeSummit for matching with their master photo at your convenience.

Q: With ExakTime Mobile, can I clock in several employees at once as a crew or group?

A: Yes—and it’s easy with our Curtaining feature, which shows each supervisor only the employees in his or her crew so he can manage them more easily.

Q: Can I track materials usage, too?

A: ExakTime Mobile lets you track materials and equipment, so you can stay on top of supply levels and what’s being used by who.

Q: Can your software be linked to QuickBooks or other major accounting programs?

A: Yes, TimeSummit is compatible with QuickBooks along with most major accounting programs. Our AccountLinx Plus app is all you need to upload your payroll data into TimeSummit for fast, accurate time tracking without the hassle of manual entry.

Q: And will new employees entered into QuickBooks automatically add in TimeSummit?

A: AccountLinx Plus will also keep TimeSummit up-to-date when you add or change employees.