Technology can make things better, but it can also make people feel a little anxious. We’ve all heard stories (some of them true, unfortunately) about employers tracking workers through GPS without their permission, even on downtime, and finding out way too much about whether they prefer Walmart or Costco, and if they gambled at The Bellagio or Caesar’s Palace.

Eek. That’s not what we offer. ExakTime doesn’t wish to know, or want you to know, where your employees buy groceries, or whether they went to Vegas over the weekend. Off the clock, they’re just people whose movements aren’t being—and shouldn’t be—tracked by our app. To be honest, we believe that tracking someone’s every move should be left to their spouse and their three-year-old cockapoo.

All joking aside, employee privacy is a legitimate concern for both employees and bosses.

ExakTime respects workers’ privacy (we work with a bunch of employees ourselves—in fact, most of us are employees).

So here are a few facts about ExakTime and privacy:

  1. Our app only tracks workers when they’re clocked in. If they forget to quit out of the app after they clock off, it will not track them.
  2. Our default GPS feature records the GPS coordinates of workers at the moment of clock-in and clock-out. It does not track their movements continually.
  3. Our optional Geotrakker feature, for tracking employees who travel while they work, only functions when they are on the clock. Geotrakker sends periodic “breadcrumbing” data on an employee’s location and speed every few minutes while he or she is on the go.
  4. Our app uses very little data. Your workers should not even notice the difference in data usage from before and after the app, as our maximum data usage (even with features like Geotrakker in play) is only around 10 MB per month (.01 GB). (Here’s some perspective: that five-minute video you streamed last night? That alone ate up 22 MB—and had it been high-def, it would have used even more.)
  5. Our purpose is to help employers stay informed about their workforce in the field, because that will help you manage better and stop paying inflated labor costs.

    We do recommend that you explain the system to your employees before implementing it, because that’s only fair, as it will affect their day-to-day operations. Relay to them the points above.

    Reassure them that they will not be tracked or watched when off the clock (we can’t speak for other time tracking apps, but that’s how ours works)—that you are not interested in becoming their Big Brother, and neither are we. Remind them that with the new system they will never have to defend against a payroll mistake with hours worked.

    Starting a new technology usually comes with a bit of pushback, especially when it’s BYOD (bring your own device). But when armed with the information provided here, and a little patience and understanding, you should be up and running (and saving) in no time. And pretty soon your employees will be glad to leave behind the hassle of paper time cards, too.

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