Efficiency is important in construction. Wasted time and energy can bloat a budget and put you at the back of the pack competition-wise. We’ve seen a huge increase in efficiency and productivity in construction workforce management as a result of digital tools and technology advancements.

Photo Documentation

Communicating can play a big role in the success of a project and improving upon that communication can be easy with digital photo sharing. Digital photos are an extremely helpful tool for the construction industry. Workers can easily document each stage of a job, as well as any special situations that arise.

Often part of a project has to be redone thanks to a miscommunication, ultimately leading to higher costs and wasted time. Photos can be used to communicate with individuals offsite to identify potential problems before they become an issue. What is ideal is when a photo can be sent as part of an app rather than just appearing as a throwaway text message on the supervisor’s or owner’s phone—and it’s even better when a photo can be sent as part of a time tracking app (see “Field Notes” under Features), connecting it to a particular project so that it is stored and viewable in the office, anytime. Workers can annotate the photos, keeping the whole team updated while eliminating problems down the road.

Drone Inspecting and Surveying

Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles, are being used on construction job sites as a cost-effective way to survey and document job sites and monitor job site progress. They can also be used to inspect hard-to-reach areas or construction sites with high elevation inspection needs. As drones become more popular, they could soon replace aircraft or helicopter inspection of massive construction projects.

Live Weather Updates

It wasn’t long ago that construction site managers would check the weather forecast in the morning before beginning work for the day and rely on that information for how they’d manage their team throughout the day. But with the unpredictable nature of weather, storms can often surprise a crew with little to no notice. With live weather updates available on most mobile devices, workforce managers can anticipate storms before they arrive and secure the job site and the safety of employees before the storm hits. ExakTime’s SiteHub provides weather along with other updates for any job site.

Mobile Time Tracking

ExakTime helps companies replace paper time cards and spend less time on payroll with mobile time tracking. Mobile time tracking allows you to validate the legitimacy of each job-site time punch with photo ID verification. The GPS tracking element lets you see whether employees clocked in on-site. We would all like to assume our workforce is honest and dependable. But no one’s perfect, and ExakTime Mobile helps keep your projects productive and within budget—and ensures you’re only paying for hours really worked.

It’s clear: technology is here to stay, and we’ll likely be seeing more and more digital tools to improve productivity in the construction workforce. The sooner businesses adapt to these new technologies, the faster they’ll begin seeing the benefits. In the world of business, anything you can do to improve productivity is worth considering. Who knows, it may lead to your next promotion!