We often get asked, “How do you know I’ll benefit from an employee time clock app?” While we could easily make a case for how any business could reap benefits from a time clock app, we’ve pinpointed a couple of easy to answer questions to determine if a time tracking app could help your business. This post doesn’t cover all the ways ExakTime Mobile could help your business grow, so if you want to hear more, reach out to us and we’d be happy to talk about our time clock app.

Would your business benefit from mobile time tracking?

Not every business needs mobile time tracking. ExakTime is here to help those businesses dealing with field management. Painters, landscapers, and construction workers are just a few examples. If you are in an industry with employees on the move, working at sites across the county or region, and consistently off-site from your primary office, you would absolutely benefit from an employee time clock app.

Is your employee time tracking system efficient?

If you can confidently say that your employee time tracking system is working, you probably don’t need our help. Unfortunately most businesses are inefficient without even realizing it. Our case studies have proven that ExakTime decreases the amount of time and money spent on payroll. A time tracking app adds value with features that help you manage people, equipment, tasks and job sites from afar.

Be sure to check out our calculator, too, to see how much you could save by implementing one of our time tracking solutions.

Do you have a need for job costing and cost code monitoring?

Again, our app is not just an employee time clock, it is a tool for cost code tracking as well. Cost codes will no longer need to be manually recorded and reported—and the accuracy of reported time spent on a certain task can be better relied on. Changes are made by an employee or supervisor in real time. That means no more delays or project cost creeps—and it will definitely allow you to foresee and stop overtime if needed. This feature alone could justify the cost of a mobile time tracking system.

It’s our hope that these questions will help you determine if your business would benefit most from a time tracking app or another solution. Obviously every business is different and circumstances will vary on a case-by-case basis. Even if you have more long-term, stationary job sites, or for whatever reason a time clock app doesn’t suit your specific needs, our other powerful automated time tracking solutions might.