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Easily track and record your employees’ time with FastTrakker and reports

Shaimoom Newaz |
Tracking cost codes is easy with TimeSummit’s reports and our tracking devices for both JobClock Hornet and JobClock/EX. img-home-hornet>

FastTrakker tracks employee cost codes and job activities easily

FastTrakker Pro is a handheld device that can wirelessly clock workers in and out, and track hundreds of job activities, collecting time and attendance tracking records directly from your clock via Infrared technology. FastTrakker is a rugged, handheld device that can clock workers in and out, and track up to 1,000 different cost codes, enabling you to run a more productive workforce, make more accurate bids for jobs and save thousands in workers’ comp insurance.

KeyTabs clock workers in and out, as well as assign cost codes

Your workers can clock in and out in just seconds using Keytabs. Keytabs are small, ruggedized tabs that track individual employees and their cost codes. The green Keytab is used to clock in, and the red Keytab is used to clock out – green for go, red for stop. They’ll hear a beep sound, letting them know their punch was accepted. You can also use several different Keytabs to assign a cost codes. For example, the blue Keytab could be assigned to roofing. When your worker is ready to start his roofing job, he simply has to touch the blue Keytab to the JobClock, so his time will be tracked for roofing. You can track up to 11 different cost codes with our colored Keytabs.

TimeSummit Reports provide time records you can read and trust

Through several different TimeSummit Reports, the FastTrakker will wirelessly track all of your workers, their job activities and locations.
    • The Employee Time Card displays daily totals for each employee in the specified date range in a traditional timecard format.
    • The Employee Touch Detail displays all Start (In) and Stop (Out) times that an employee has for the specified date range.
    • The Executive Summary – Employees displays a summary of the total hours worked each day by each employee for a given week or specified date range.
    • The Executive Summary – Location displays a summary of the
total hours worked each day at each job location for a given week or specified date range.
  • The Location by Employee displays the total hours worked by each employee at every job location.
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