Using pen and paper to track your employees’ hours should be a problem of the past.

Paper timesheets are difficult to organize and often inaccurate. ExakTime’s line of portable time clocks is a better alternative because its products automate payroll from start to finish – offering users an efficient payroll solution.

Accurate & Easy-To-Use Payroll Solutions

Portable time clocks take the guess work out of labor costs. Instead of relying on paper time cards, ExakTime’s software allows employees to clock in and out with a simple touch.

ExakTime’s portable and mobile time clocks cut back on time tracking inaccuracy too.

Pencil and paper time cards can get smudged, making them difficult to decipher. Portable, digital time clocks make for better payroll solutions because they remove that costly hurdle with time data that is easy to access and read.

Paper records additionally make it easy for employees to record hours they didn’t work, costing you large sums of money. Portable time clocks eliminate the chance for employees to alter time records, giving you peace of mind.

ExakTime’s mobile time clock, PocketClock/GPS uses a Smartphone’s front-facing camera to ensure employees’ identities when they clock in and out.

Data Organization Made Easy

A significant advantage of ExakTime’s portable time clocks is the ease with which their data is organized, stored and made available.

An employee’s time information is automatically stored, eliminating the need for the time-intensive process of manually sorting paper records in an extensive file system. Data can be uploaded to your office computer from a handheld device – eliminating the need to decipher time sheets and making the process of storing and organizing payroll data effortless.

ExakTime’s TimeSummit desktop time tracking software then allows you to export the uploaded time data to your payroll software, including QuickBooks, Sage, ADP and 40 other popular accounting packages.

With data that stored electronically in one place, going back and accessing data or altering it as needed is a breeze.

Perfect Payroll Solutions For Seasonal Employees

ExakTime’s portable time clocks are perfect for workforces that are mobile and grow and shrink with the seasons, particularly construction and landscaping.

ExakTime’s portable and mobile time clocks offer features that not only make it easy to track employees’ time, but also the tasks they do throughout the day.

ExakTime’s JobClock allows you to preprogram cost codes for certain tasks, improving your ability to estimate project costs when making bids. Some mobile time clocks even use GPS to ensure employees at different job sites are where they are supposed to be.

Bottom line: Portable time clocks streamline time tracking and payroll, meaning you save on your two most valuable commodities- time and money.

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