How ExakTime Works

Employee attendance software: PocketClock

Our time attendance software is designed to improve your response to the internal and external forces that your business contends with on a daily basis.

Our mobile time clock, PocketClock/GPS, has powerful management and tracking tools that give your business the resources it needs to maximize efficiency, and in turn, your bottom line.

Employee Management Tools

Managing a large and geographically spread out workforce is a challenge no matter how you slice it. Having workers that change work sites and job activities frequently throws another variable into this delicate balancing act.

PocketClock’s special management functions allow foremen and supervisors to categorize employees based on job activity and location, making it easier to keep tabs on employees spread out over multiple distant work sites.

Now you’ll be able to know exactly what workers were at which locations and what job activities they were performing. A more complete and accurate picture of operations allows you to better allocate resources and prepare for the future.

Equipment Tracking

Detailed reports give you the information you need to make sound, profitable decisions.

The ExakTime system breaks down equipment tracking into four detailed but easily digestible reports, so you can find the data you need quickly and without confusing and irrelevant statistical clutter.

Consult the Equipment by Employee report if you want a complete breakdown of who is using specific pieces of equipment. The Equipment Guesstimator tool allows you to better predict expenses by estimating the cost of equipment use based on its usage time and hourly operation cost. You can view equipment reports sorted by location or status too.

Each report can be conveniently exported in both PDF and Excel formats.

Time And Attendance Tracking You Can Trust

In order to effectively respond to change you have to be sure the data you’re using to inform your decision making is accurate.

With pen and paper time attendance systems, there’s no guarantee that what you’re seeing on a time card is, in reality, what actually occurred. Employees can inflate their hours with the stroke of a pen and buddy punching is virtually undetectable. Rampant and unaddressed time theft can take a heavy toll on your business’ profitability.

PocketClock takes the mystery and vulnerability out of time and attendance tracking.

Employees use their own unique PIN to clock in an out on their mobile device. PocketClock digitally records the exact minute an employee clocked in or out and those records cannot be altered by your employees without explicit permission and access to our time attendance software where the data is stored, TimeSummit.

Now you can be a 100% confident that your time and attendance records are accurate and that you’re not overpaying for wok that isn’t being done.

PocketClock’s biometric safeguards ensure buddy punching in no longer an option for your employees. Each time an employee clocks in or out, PocketClock uses the front facing camera on their mobile device to snap a picture. This picture can then be sent to TimeSummit for verification by your bookkeeper, ensuring the employee being clocked in is in fact the one doing the clocking.

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