A file cabinet is an outdated place to store and organize your time and attendance data. Step into the 21st century with the construction industry’s best selling time clock software: TimeSummit.

TimeSummit is the perfect data collection and organization tool to pair alongside one of our time attendance clocks.

Whether syncing with JobClock, PocketClock/GPS or our web based time clock, ClockPoint Connect, TimeSummit offers you the convenience of one secure storage point for all your important time and attendance records.

More Efficient Payroll Management

Payroll management is one of the most important and time consuming aspects of your small business. Time is money and verifying, entering and organizing time and attendance data manually is time consuming.

But TimeSummit offers a better way to organize, analyze and export your important data.

TimeSummit syncs directly with your payroll package, cutting your records’ transfer time down to seconds, while making the process more accurate and cost effective.

Transcribing written records into your payroll software by hand isn’t just a long process; it’s error-prone too.

Importing and storing your records digitally with TimeSummit ensures they’re 100% accurate each and every pay period, saving you thousands in payroll.

AccountLinx exports your employee time and attendance data into your payroll package in mere seconds, reducing data entry time by an incredible 92%!

In-Depth Analysis

TimeSummit offers over 40 specialized reports that allow you to evaluate time and attendance data in ways you never have before.

Advanced filtering options let you to sort your data by employees, jobsites or cost codes, enabling you to analyze very specific aspects of your business with a click of the mouse.

Track equipment and use the Equipment Guesstimator to estimate equipment costs for quicker, more accurate job costing.

TimeSummit even computes daily and weekly overtime hours independently – so you can more easily identify where your costs are increasing.

Having a better idea of what your workers are doing each day and where your money is being spent will help you make more educated, profitable decisions.
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