Businesses like construction, landscaping and snow removal have workforces that are spread out over large areas and constantly on the go. This fact makes the logistics of effective employee and resource management all the more difficult.

Luckily, ExakTime has a solution.

Our PocketClock/GPS app turns your cell phone or mobile device into a mobile time clock and resource management tool with powerful features that ensure you and your employees are always on the same page.

How Can A GPS Time Clock Make My Business More Efficient?

GPS-based time tracking gives you a clear and accurate picture of where your employees are in the field and what they’re up to – at all times.

Employee management has never been easier. You can sleep soundly knowing your employees will be where they need to be, when they need to be there.

If an employee or group of employees isn’t in the right location, you’ll know. PocketClock’s GPS function allows you to set custom geofences so you’re notified if an employee clocks in outside of the designated area.

More Effective Communication Between Office And Jobsite

PocketClock makes communication between the office and your workforce seamless, saving you and your workers time and boosting productivity. Workers will have all their daily projects and the location of each job conveniently on their cell phone or mobile device.

PocketClock also allows for bi-directional communication, so records collected at job sites can be sent wirelessly to TimeSummit in the office and changes made in TimeSummit can be pushed out to PocketClocks in the field.

Having a clear picture of their responsibilities and where they’ll need to go to fulfill them will help workers effectively manage their time. Plus, your employees won’t have to waste anymore precious time calling a dispatcher to get their next set of duties or job sites.

Employee Management Software Improves Customer Service

Implementing employee management software will also help your business deliver better customer service. It will make your business more responsive to situations that arise at specific job sites, especially situations that require a specialized worker, like an electrician or plumber, to handle.

By knowing the location of each worker in the field, the nearest technician or specialist can be identified and notified of where they need to go to address the problem quickly.

Not only will this feature make your business more efficient, your customers will be pleased and impressed by how promptly you respond to concerns that arise.

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