Bulldozer, jack hammer, concrete cutter, scaffolding, paver. What do these all have in common? They’re among the equipment types that can now be tracked in ExakTime’s SaaS time tracking software.

Equipment tracking is a new feature that is controlled at a high-level through ExakTime Connect, ExakTime’s cloud-based software, where equipment can be added with the level of detail your desire—no more, no less.

Create your custom equipment list in our cloud software, ExakTime Connect.

Users with permission can also add equipment through our time clock app, ExakTime Mobile.

When employees clock in and out on our app, they can select the equipment they will be using by name and ID number, thus “attaching” the equipment to that employee and their work location for the duration of their use of it. When they clock out from work, they also clock out on the equipment. If an employee is finished with a piece of equipment and intends to continue working, they can clock out and back in without it.

When employees clock in and out on our app, they can select the equipment they will be using by name and ID number.

We know workers are sometimes called on to multitask or to use equipment types in combination with each other. That’s why we’ve made it possible for an employee to be clocked in to more than one tool or piece of equipment. The opposite situation works, too: if more than one employee is using the equipment at the same time, multiple people can be clocked in on it—no problem.

What’s the benefit?

Whether you rent or buy it, equipment is expensive, and it pays to know how much it’s being used. Need to know from the office whether a piece of equipment is in use right now? Or how much it was used last week, and by whom?

The equipment feature allows users to manage equipment and track the time it’s been used on a job. When adding equipment, users can assign an equipment type, group or category for quicker, easier access later. Custom fields can be added, such as a check-box for “Rented” or “Owned”, so that its status is known at a glance by anyone who looks it up in ExakTime Connect.

Competitive edge

Connect users can assign equipment to an employee’s time record in the Time Card view, too, if that person forgot to track the equipment as they worked.

Some of ExakTime’s competitors offer equipment tracking features, but in order to track equipment, users must exit the time tracking app. ExakTime’s equipment tracking is fully integrated into our time tracking app, for convenient use that blends into workers’ regular routine.

Equipment insights

When you’re ready to review your equipment usage, you can create reports such as Equipment by Employee, Equipment by Location, and Equipment Status, for a list of equipment and details of its most recent usage.

For insight into how much you are investing in equipment use, the Equipment Cost by Location report—based on an optional hourly rate defined on each equipment piece—can be used to estimate equipment cost for jobs.