ExakTime is proud to announce a new, revolutionary Keytab.

Intended for construction workers, EarTabs™ are designed to be worn as earrings. These new Keytabs allow quick and easy access for workers to clock in and clock out.

“Some of our customers were tired of having to reach into their pockets to pull out Keytabs. Often their hands are full, carrying tools or operating equipment. They appreciate the convenience of having the Keytabs close at hand…or should I say, close at ear,” says ExakTime CEO Tony Pappas.

“The weatherproof nature of Keytabs ensure that even the busiest of workers always can track his time.”

While green and red are the most typical colors, the new line of EarTabs comes in a variety of outfit-matching colors, including:

  • ToolBelt Tan
  • Hardhat Yellow
  • Power Pink
  • Construction Cone Orange
  • Bling Black

(All EarTabs are available with Stainless Steel, White Gold, silver, and Platinum backs)

Please contact ExakTime Sales at 888.788.8463 to order your set of EarTabs today!