When you’ve got employees at several different locations, managing your business can get difficult. Not only do you need to keep track of who is supposed to be where and when, but you also have to figure out the best way to maximize your resources.

ExakTime helps ease the challenges of running a larger business by providing efficient time tracking solutions that work seamlessly across locations, helping you manage multiple job sites.

Find a Solution for Your Situation

Let’s say you’re a construction company with eight different job sites, each with unique needs and different levels of supervision. How are you going to track and manage them consistently?

ExakTime offers more mobile, wireless and outdoor solutions than any other time tracking company—which means we have a system for any set of circumstances, no matter how complex.

Whether you’re using one ExakTime solution at a handful of job sites or a blend of our time tracking options to track both on-site and roaming workers in different work situations—all of our products work together, feeding their data seamlessly into our software where you can review it and use it for easier payroll.

Streamline Your Payroll Process

Having many job sites means having many employees. And having many employees usually means having a difficult payroll process. Not only do you have to find a way to collect all the hours of your employees from each site, but you’ll also have to spend hours entering the data manually.

ExakTime makes payroll easy by automatically collecting and storing every single employee’s hours as they clock in and out. You can collect 100% accurate data for tens or hundreds of employees and transfer it easily to your accounting program.

Make Better Decisions

When you collect data manually from your job sites, collecting, sorting and inputting it for review (not to mention deciphering employees’ handwritten scrawl) can be a big hassle.

Just finishing payroll is a huge time drain—let alone having a moment left to look at your data, calculate total time spent on a particular task or job site, and spot any problematic trends.

With ExakTime’s TimeSummit software, you can create time cards and pay employees for what they actually worked. Using data collected from all of your sites, you can also generate over 40 reports ranging from employee hours, to hours per activity or job site, to equipment usage.