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ExakTime Connect Is Here!

Amy Bourne |

We’re pretty excited about this new product. ExakTime Connect gathers all the data from your clocks and puts it on the secure cloud in a simple interface that’s easy to use. Now, you can access all of ExakTime’s great data and reports on the web, making workforce management even easier.

Grant all the right people (or everyone) office different permission levels to access just what they need.

Check out the ExakTime Connect press release and give us a call with any questions.

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Amy Bourne is the marketing copywriter for ExakTime. She enjoys learning about the real challenges faced in the construction-related field, and providing content that helps business owners work smarter.

4 responses to “ExakTime Connect Is Here!

  1. I was charged 500.00 just to move summit from one cumputer to another. I just use the clock and keys no cloud or any other of your fancy features. As i told my friends about this they said to me your nuts and i got ripped off. I agree just to move from one cumputer to another thats all u did. Rip me once but not twice.

    1. Hi Richard, Thank you for reaching out! Please allow us to clarify: This is actually an upgrade to a newer version of TimeSummit. Unfortunately the version you had was from 2014 and was older than the new computer you mentioned. The upgrade was necessary to get you going again. We want to make sure you are fully satisfied with the solution you have. Someone will be reaching out to you directly today!

      The ExakTime Team

  2. What’s the difference between TimeSummit Connect and ExakTime Connect? The use of 2 different terms makes me think that there’s definitely a difference.

    1. Hi Terrence,

      Great question. We are in the process of changing our cloud-based software product’s name from TimeSummit Connect to ExakTime Connect, and there are still some loose threads we need to tie up. To answer your question even more directly: those two names refer to one and the same product. Sorry for any inconvenience as we complete this changeover!

      The ExakTime Team


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