On Saturday, Aug. 9, ExakTime donated $10,000 to an End of Summer Block Party event organized by the Los Angeles Mission. The donation funded the giveaway of 1,000 backpacks filled with school supplies to underprivileged LA children. A group of ExakTime employees, family and friends stepped up to volunteer that day and to represent ExakTime among the other companies present.

Said Digital Media Manager Shaimoom Newaz, who organized ExakTime’s volunteer effort, “I’m proud to work for a company who would give to a cause like this, and I’m very grateful to my co-workers for donating their time and energy to this worthwhile event. It was a lot of fun, and I’m glad we had the opportunity to give back to kids in need.”

The backpack tent even got some attention from local news, including ABC7 and Telemundo—thanks in part to the presence of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and State Senator Kevin de Leon, who stepped in to help hand out the backpacks.

“The kids were timid about taking a backpack at first,” said Customer Service Supervisor Jessica Grant, “but once we told them they could pick the color, they smiled and grabbed one. Now that I have my own child, it was extra-special for me to see them happy.”

The event was a great success. ExakTime looks forward to more charity events in the future where our staff has the chance to give back to the community!