EaxkTime Mobile

AIM Environmental Group, an environmental construction company that specializes in demolition, remediation and composting, services up to 20 jobs at a time during its busy summer season. Based in Ontario, Canada, AIM Environmental employs over 100 workers at multiple job sites every day.

As the company continued to expand, AIM Environmental began looking for an outdoor solution to improve its manual payroll processing procedures. And the organization found The ExakTime System could do just that – and more.

ExakTime’s mobile time tracking app for Smartphones streamlined AIM Environmental’s payroll processing methods right away, saving the company $20,000 annually in administrative tasks alone – plus unexpected savings elsewhere.

The company also saved $90,000 annually in employee payroll and an additional $20,000 in workers’ comp insurance.

Why paperwork didn’t work.

Since its founding in 1988, AIM Environmental relied on handwritten, paper time cards to track worker hours and process payroll. And despite potential time theft and common clerical errors, the shortcomings of paper time cards were often overlooked because the company was managing payroll on such a small scale.

After 22 years in business, however, AIM Environmental had expanded to the point where relying on an outdated paper time-card system was becoming inefficient and costly.

Getting supervisor signatures for 100 employees wasn’t easy – especially when there were more job sites than supervisors.

Paper time sheets consistently read 40 hours, despite workers not showing up on time. And weekly payroll was becoming a mess because employees were not turning their time cards in.

“Payroll was just a mismatch of stuff,” said Scott Carney, the company’s chief financial officer. “We got to a point of growth where paper wasn’t working anymore. It was time for a change.”

The mobile time clock solution for AIM Environmental.

Carney said he first heard of ExakTime in 2010 when he Google searched the term ‘mobile time clock’.

“We had so many guys bouncing around from job site to job site, we needed a clock that would be good for crews that moved around a lot,” he said.

After speaking to an ExakTime representative and learning more about the ExakTime Mobile time tracking app for Smartphones, Carney understood that ExakTime would solve his time theft problems, payroll processing issues and soaring workers’ comp premiums.

His only fear was that a GPS system might invoke fear for his workers and remind them of a “Big Brother” system. But quickly, that concern was dismissed.

“I was taken aback by the overwhelming positive response from our field staff,” he said. “They appreciate the fact that ExakTime Mobile is such a simple, easy-to-use system and that they don’t have to worry about filling out time cards anymore.”

Tracking hours, GPS locations and cost codes.

AIM Environmental’s workers began using the mobile app on their own Androids and iPhones right away.

They found tracking time on their own phones was less cumbersome than using time cards. It was easily accessible and simple to use.

The app took a GPS stamp of the workers locations as well, guaranteeing that field employees were at the correct job site when they clocked in and out.

The records auto-sync to Carney’s office automatically, so workers don’t have to spend half of their Fridays looking for a signature from a supervisor.

“It’s been fantastic,” Carney said. “We’ve eliminated that frustration for them.”

Additionally, AIM Environmental has found ExakTime Mobile’s cost code tracking to be a huge time and money saver.

Employees used to scribble down their job activities on the back of their time cards. Now, however, ExakTime Mobile tracks those cost codes in real-time, so workers don’t have to.

“They can focus on their task at hand, which is what I want them to do, rather than trying to remember how many hours they spent doing a certain activity,” Carney said.

Instead of paying his workers’ comp premium at supervisor rates, Carney now pays lower premiums for cost codes like ‘machine operator’ or ‘picker’ – a feature that he estimates saves his company $20,000 annually.

Payroll that takes hours – not days.

Carney said he and his office staff used to dread payroll.

In the past, his team would need three full days to complete weekly payroll procedures.

“We never received all the time cards on time,” he said. “Something was always missing.”

Using ExakTime Mobile, however, Carney’s supervisors wirelessly send their crews’ time records and cost codes from the field to the office, via ExakTime’s cloud service – so the office staff can prepare for payroll throughout the week.

Now, it takes his payroll supervisor just three hours to complete payroll and the data exports directly into AIM Environmental’s payroll application, Sage BusinessVision.

Accuracy pays off.

Carney said he’s seen an average savings of about 2 hours per employee, per week when it comes to processing employee hours.

And he makes good use of ExakTime’s digital reports, which dig into more than just employee time cards.

“It seems like every report fits a certain need we have,” he said. “Whether it’s time sheets or reporting job costs correctly, there’s something there that we can look at.”

Overall, Carney said ExakTime Mobile was the right fit for his workforce, and he wishes he had implemented the Smartphone app sooner.

“It’s a no brainer,” he said. “With digital time tracking and GPS technology, it’s the perfect scenario for us.”