Microsoft has profiled ExakTime as an outstanding new cloud client.

In a case study on ExakTime’s shift from on-premises software to a SaaS (software as a service) offering using the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform, Microsoft says ExakTime customers can now enjoy “a more robust and easy-to-use product, full of new features”.

ExakTime uses Microsoft Azure to support our web-based time tracking software, which provides secure and private, real-time access to employee time and attendance data from any computer at any time.

This also means that customers do not have to use their own server space to host ExakTime software or ExakTime data, since it is all stored in the cloud. Receiving alerts and having to stop what they’re doing to install software updates is also a thing of the past.

A Successful System at a Crossroads

Unlike some of the recent arrivals on the mobile time tracking scene, ExakTime was a pioneer in remote time tracking that preexisted the “cloud movement”, where most new software companies are squarely located today.

This means that ExakTime had a decision to make: stick with our on-premises software, a long-time success and time and money-saver for our customers, and sacrifice new business or existing customers who demand the benefits of the cloud—or make a change and continue growing.

As a technology leader we chose the second option: to keep growing and improving. Customers can access our software from any computer—no installation or updates required—so owners, payroll, HR and project managers can stay on the same page.

The case study notes: “Before the cloud, the process of upgrading the app on thousands of users’ desktops was cumbersome and time-consuming…Azure services make software updates faster and easier.”

Easy to Perfect, In Real Time

ExakTime continues to adjust and augment our current cloud software offering based on customers’ needs and feedback, with an information-rich dashboard and helpful details such as an instant time card view, bulk time card editing, employee time card approval and more. And our customers enjoy the growing benefits with no IT hassle on their end.

“Azure even makes migrating customers from the on-premises version of ExakTime tools to the cloud app fast and seamless,” the case study reads. “The mobile app connectivity Azure supports helps clients manage their labor force better.”