Owning a small business is hard. You need to be in ten different places at once and there never seems to be enough hours in the day. In many cases, you are the owner, the foreman, and sometimes an extra set of hands on the jobsite.

With all of those responsibilities, how do you find time to make sure that your workers are being paid accurately? How can you make the office side of your business run as efficiently as possible?

Many small businesses face difficulties when it comes to record keeping and payroll. If you can’t afford to hire someone full time to do your payroll and take care of your books, that responsibility might fall to you.

You need to make sure that you safeguard your company’s profit margin by providing accurate, easy, and dependable time keeping solutions.

Make Payroll Simpler

The complete payroll solution for your company is out there, waiting for you. The mobile time tracking system from ExakTime can save your company thousands of dollars a month on payroll expenses by making sure that you get accurate records and eliminating time theft.

ExakTime uses mobile time clocks on your job site that can link wirelessly with your home office to send all of your employee’s punches to be processed for payroll. The data is safe, secure, easy to use, and the perfect fit for any job site.

Once the data is in the hands of your accountant, they can easily create reports using ExakTime’s TimeSummit software. The software uses the data from the time tracker and easily loads it into any of the 40 report templates that are preloaded. This makes things easier for everyone in the company.

Time Keeping Solutions for any Jobsite

The JobClock/EX, our portable time clock system that will send data from the jobsite, is ruggedly built to withstand any challenge that the environment can throw at it. It can handle temperatures from -10 degrees all the way to 170 degree Fahrenheit. It is built to withstand rain, snow, dust, and all of the other rigors of the job site.

Not only is the ExakTime JobClock complete payroll system able to hold up in tough conditions, it is easy for any employee to use. Workers can punch in and out using a simple KeyTab system that makes accurate time tracking easier than ever.

The ExakTime system is meant to make tracking time and attendance easier for everyone on your team. For more information on any of our time keeping solutions, contact us today!