In 1999, California contractor Steve Simmonds was looking for a solution for his payroll. He was sick of dealing with inaccurate, illegible, handwritten paper timecards. After some research, he noticed that nothing existed on the market that could stand up to the harsh conditions on a construction jobsite. So he took matters into his own hands.


JobClockSimmonds assembled a team and designed and built a rugged, portable time clock that was perfect for tracking time and attendance in difficult and remote locations – perfect for a construction site. The first JobClock was installed in 1999, and since then, ExakTime’s multiple-award winning time and attendance system has grown and expanded to become the #1 attendance tracker in construction. Now, more than one million times per day, some one, somewhere, is clocking in or out with The ExakTime System.

Although the JobClock was ExakTime’s original time clock used for tracking crews at fixed jobsites, the company now offers two other solutions: our wireless, rugged JobClock Hornet and a mobile time clock app. ExakTime’s mobile timekeeping solution, ExakTime Mobile, runs on the most popular Smartphones today – Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile – and tracks crews at or traveling between short-duration jobsites. Time and attendance records from all three solutions are organized and reconciled by ExakTime’s award-winning, time tracking software, ExakTime Connect, into 100% accurate reports.

The ExakTime System

Inc 500These three timekeeping solutions have helped The ExakTime system expand to several other industries, including landscaping, electrical services, snow removal, manufacturing, catering, education, medical care, airports and more. The ExakTime system works where others can’t. And the system is bulletproof simple and affordable for any size business.

Throughout the last 12 years, ExakTime has earned dozens of awards and achievements for its products and solutions, including an Inc. 500 award and several Most Innovative Product awards. The company has also built a strong relationship with its clients – more than 96% of its customers would recommend ExakTime’s products and services to others.

ExakTime’s solutions can fit any business’ needs, regardless of size or industry. It offers a customized package for all companies so any business owner can finally rid himself of costly handwritten paper timecards and start making smart decisions based on accurate data – decisions that could save a business in this economy.