Time cards and convenience have never gone together. Paper time cards can lead to fraud, are sometimes illegible and mean hours of data entry.

ExakTime Mobile is the solution to your bookkeeper’s time card woes. Our time tracking app improves the efficiency of crews and supervisors, too.

Accurately Record Hours on the Go

For employees or crews that move from site to site, ExakTime Mobile is the quickest time tracking system. A worker can punch in and out on his phone so time cards won’t get lost in transport, and it’s harder to commit fraud. Your bookkeeper will know the data coming in is accurate.

During a quick clock-in process, every worker can choose a job site and activity—or a supervisor can track a whole crew at once—so you’re able to track both time and cost codes. Using your phone’s own capabilities plus our no-fee GPS, you can confirm employees are actually on site at clock-in (and clock-out). Plus you can check who is on site anywhere in the field with our new Team View feature.

Real-Time Syncing with the Office

As soon as your workers or supervisors clock in, all the data collected with ExakTime Mobile can be set to sync automatically with ExakTime’s secure cloud—and your desktop—in seconds. Instead of having to wait days for their numbers, you’ll see everything in real time.

This gives you a chance to monitor hours and stop overtime before it starts—and lets your bookkeeper begin preparing for payroll.

Speaking of which, with ExakTime’s TimeSummit and AccountLinx software, your time records are easily imported directly into your accounting software. The hassle of paper time cards can impede sending paychecks out on time, but with our convenient time tracking app, pay day won’t ever come late.

Know What’s Happening in the Field

Not only is ExakTime Mobile ideal for tracking workers’ time with precision, but it puts you in better touch with your workers in the field and gives them an easy format for keeping you updated. Receive helpful photo, voice or text updates from your workers that you can review at your convenience with our powerful Field Notes feature. You can track equipment usage and material spending, as well.

What was once almost impossible to manage from afar can now be done using any mobile device.

Convenience and ExakTime Mobile go hand in hand. This time tracking app will make the lives of bookkeepers, supervisors and crews much easier.