ExakTime Mobile, a mobile time tracking app for a smartphone or tablet, was built for the unique challenges of managing a remote workforce. ExakTime Mobile boasts the power and precision of all our clocks, plus new ways to track labor, materials, and more that benefit companies with workers in rugged, outdoor and rotating job sites.

Here are some of ExakTime Mobile’s many time and money-saving features:

EaxkTime Mobile

Employee Monitoring

Easy Clock-In and Clock-Out – Get rid of inaccurate paper time cards with easy and 100% accurate time tracking, all on your smartphone or tablet. With ExakTime Mobile, your workers simply enter a unique four-digit PIN before tapping a green ‘Go’ icon to clock in or the red ‘Stop’ icon to clock out. It’s that simple.

GPS Tracking/Geofencing – Our app pinpoints workers’ locations as they clock in or out to confirm they’re where they should be. Geofencing will notify you through our time tracking software, TimeSummit, when a worker clocks in or out while off site.

FaceFront Biometrics – Buddy punching is a thing of the past: as employees clock in and out, the front-facing lens on the mobile device they’re using snaps a picture—no fingerprinting necessary. These photos are stored in TimeSummit for reviewing at your convenience.

Cost Monitoring – Workers choose from a customized list of job sites and cost codes during the clock-in process (ExakTime Mobile always scrolls to the closest job site). Monitor who’s on which job from back at the office, and keep track of what each project is costing day by day—even hour by hour.

Equipment and Materials Oversight

Equipment Tracking/Materials Usage – Find out if an equipment purchase was money well spent. Equipment can be assigned to the employee who’s using it so you can track its value and make smarter investments down the road. Crews can also log materials usage so you can keep tabs on what was used, and when, at a glance.

Field Notes – This powerful feature captures and sends photos, notes, and voice recordings back to the office—creating a secure record of supply purchases, equipment updates, or special site conditions. Each note can be attached to an employee, cost code, or job site for clear documentation and easy reference in TimeSummit.

Simplified Timekeeping and Payroll

Curtaining & Permissions – Curtaining filters employees, job sites, and cost codes by supervisor, allowing them to quickly clock in an entire crew at once or select just a few. Let your supervisors handle it all on one device or purchase licenses for each employee—and set permissions for each and every ExakTime Mobile user from the office.

Easy Data Flow – ExakTime Mobile seamlessly shares all time records and work site data with TimeSummit throughout the day—no effort required on your part. Easily export all records from TimeSummit into the accounting program that you already use—making payroll quick and painless. TimeSummit also lets you create up to 50 reports to monitor hours and other data.

Whether you use all of ExakTime Mobile’s features or just a few, one thing is for certain: with this robust and intuitive app, time, attendance and labor tracking for your outdoor workforce will be easier than ever.