Field Notes

How many times does something happen at the job site that doesn’t get reported to the office, leading to confusion or hassles down the road? Or the information is passed along too late because the contractor or customer couldn’t be reached, hurting your bottom line.

From tracking progress to relaying important site information—like unforeseen conditions, or an equipment or materials need—getting information back to the office is a necessary chore.

With its mobile time tracking app, ExakTime has harnessed the technology on your smartphone or tablet to make communicating from remote job sites easier than ever.

Now, with the ExakTime Mobile app’s Field Notes feature, creating records in the field is easy and helps your whole operation run more smoothly in ways you didn’t even imagine.

A picture is worth 1,000 words

Let’s face it: taking hand-written notes about an incident or condition is tedious and time-consuming—as is trying to reach someone and explain it over the phone. Messy handwriting or a mumbled voicemail might leave you with no usable record of what happened.

With ExakTime Mobile’s Field Notes, you can include photos, audio, and text comments as part of a field note, which can be attached to an employee or job site profile in our time tracking software, TimeSummit, for easy retrieval later. The photo feature creates documentation of a problem or necessary expenditure that could come in handy later if a dispute arises.

Store communications instantly and centrally

Let’s say a pipe breaks on the job. Wouldn’t it be nice to just send a field note so the office can locate a plumber while you focus on taking care of other tasks? Field Notes can be sent quickly and easily to keep everyone in the loop and caught up on the day’s events so no one gets caught off guard with end-of-the-day surprises.

Use this tool to keep track of supply inventory and inform the office when supplies are low. This way you can order supplies in bulk or at lower rates before you run out. You can also use Field Notes to document a problem like a dead tree or a pothole before proceeding with the solution.

Unlike text messages, which can be disruptive to recipients and get lost in the shuffle, Field Notes will be automatically and safely stored in TimeSummit and accessible at any time.

Every construction and landscaping business has its own specific set of recurring problems and challenges. Think of the convenience of Field Notes from ExakTime’s mobile app for your unique needs. It’ll save you time, money, and stress now and in the future.