We recently attended the Snow & Ice Management Association (SIMA) Symposium and learned a lot about this growing industry that we’re continuing to develop a presence in. Our portable JobClock time clocks help save time and money, while utilizing the convenient GPS technology to accurately track employees’ time and attendance.

SIMAAs a SIMA Savings Provider, we walked away from the SIMA event with some exciting takeaways about this fast growing industry that we are happy to be a part of. We learned how important it is to snow removal businesses to keep tighter budgets and increase employee efficiency. We have exactly the answer for this. Our portable time clock system manages remote employees in the snow removal industry accurately and reliably. As close to 50% of snow removal businesses also do landscaping during warmer weather, companies can easily use job codes for employee time tracking all year round.

The GPS-enabled PocketClock time tracking system shows exactly where employees are when they clock in, how long they’ve worked, and where they clock out. The technology reduces errors in employee time data and eliminates the need for inaccurate paper time sheets, saving companies time and money on payroll. Time data information is stored and uploaded digitally to easily keep records and allow employee time data to be connected with payroll software.

We specialize in this GPS functionality, because we understand how important it is to snow removal business owners to accurately keep track of employees, especially those who don’t come into the office every morning. We were excited to meet with many great businesses at the SIMA event and look forward to getting more involved at next year’s event.