Whether you have ten employees or one-hundred and ten, ExakTime’s rugged clocks and mobile app offer accurate time-tracking solutions that will make your business more efficient. Plus, with our software, you’ll have better information to make the best decisions for your bottom line.

Scalable Solutions

It doesn’t matter how big your company is. Our ExakTime Connect software transfers time records and site data directly to your payroll program in seconds. It also makes it incredibly simple to add and remove employees, group them by supervisor, or change the permissions they have in ExakTime Mobile.

All of our products are built to scale with your business. You can adjust your company’s employee roster at any time to account for those seasonal employees you bring. And when you’re ready to expand your roster full time, ExakTime Connect helps you make sure everyone is accounted for.

Reliable Data

Keeping track of a dozen employees can be challenging enough using paper timesheets, but what if you’re dealing with more than a hundred? Unreliable data is bound to find its way into your records, making it nearly impossible for you to manage your business as efficiently as you can.

With ExakTime, you know that every single punch is accurate to the minute, regardless of how many employees are clocking in or out. Your bookkeeper won’t have to go through timesheet after timesheet to make sure all the information is accurate. ExakTime Connect will give you peace of mind knowing that you’re only paying for hours actually worked—no more, no less.

Powerful Reports

One of the best features of our ExakTime Mobile system is its ability to generate actionable field management reports based on real-time data from the field.

Up-to-date reports not only help you keep an eye on progress at multiple job sites, but they help you make better decisions for managing your business.

Need to make sure none of your employees are working unexpected overtime? The Executive Summary – Employees report will tell you exactly how much all of your employees have worked in a given time frame.

The Location Executive Summary report lets you monitor how many total hours are being spent at each of your job sites over a week, so you can take action if the hours on a particular project seem excessive.

Need to get a better estimate of your equipment use in the field? The Equipment Status List report will tell you who used the equipment last and at which site it was used.

With ExakTime, you’ll not only start tracking employees to their correct working time, activity and location, finally. You’ll also get a better picture of your company’s strengths and weaknesses and be well on your way to making any necessary improvements.