Before The ExakTime System

Blue Dot Enterprises in Bremen, Alabama, provides services in many scopes of construction, primarily in remodeling and repairs. Although Blue Dot had built up a strong reputation since its founding in 1986, owner Gary Borders wasn’t satisfied with his bottom line in 2006. He was happy with the caliber of work he and his small crew had completed, but he knew he wasn’t turning the profit he wanted.

Up to that point, Borders had relied on memory to track his payroll for more than 20 years. Every night after work, he would sit down with his crew and try to remember how long each employee worked and what job activities they were performing. His method was inaccurate and inefficient.

Looking for a solution, Borders read about The ExakTime System in a trade show magazine. Immediately, he was intrigued.

“I knew I wouldn’t have to think or remember what hours my guys worked,” Borders said. “Since I’m carrying around so many oranges, and a lot of them are in the air, the less I have to remember each day, the better off I am.”

ExakTime – The JobClock

Blue Dot started using The ExakTime System in 2006, and, to Borders liking, the company’s owner began seeing Blue Dot’s profit margin grow. He uses both the JobClock, ExakTime’s rugged, portable time clock, and the PocketClock, ExakTime’s mobile, rugged time clock, to track his workers time and attendance records, job activities and jobsites.

Workers at Blue Dot

Now, instead of spending every night trying to remember how long his workers were at one particular jobsite, the information is sitting in ExakTime’s time tracking software, TimeSummit, waiting for Borders to review, and the exact time records have saved Borders money on every payroll.

“We charge by the hour, not by the job,” Borders said. “Now, we have an exact way of keeping track for all our times. I can sit down and do the entire payroll in 15 minutes each week, plus bill my customers with the exact number of hours we spent on the job.”

Borders has also taken advantage of ExakTime’s feature of tracking job activities, or cost codes, leading to a large savings in the owner’s workers’ comp insurance and insurance audits. Each of Borders’ workers carry around 10 colored Keytabs, each representing a different job activity. When a worker is framing, he clocks in with a particular color, and when he is plumbing, he clocks in with another color. These cost codes are recorded in ExakTime’s System in summary reports.

“I track each cost code individually by the minute,” Borders said. “My workers’ comp drops from 42 percent when roofing down to 22 percent when we’re plumbing, and it’s documented. My insurance company accepts the records because I’m not writing it down; it’s from a system.”

Borders said he spends only 15 minutes at the end of each month figuring his workers’ comp, because the numbers are right there for him in TimeSummit. At the end of each year, it takes him less than two hours to give insurance companies what they want when it’s time for auditing.

ExakTime Savings

JobClocks on site at Blue Dot

ExakTime Savings“It’s so easy,” he said. “The first few months I saved hundreds and hundreds of dollars. I probably save $250 every month because I’m not being charged for my most expensive cost code all day. I would rest assure that my old timekeeping method couldn’t hold a candle to this.”

Through it all, Borders said he is just as impressed with ExakTime’s staff in Calabasas, California as he is with ExakTime’s products.

“I’ve never had any problems at all. You guys have been so nice,” he said. “You guys have always been there when I’ve run into any minor issues with the system.”