Since 1997, Mayzes Masonry, Inc. in Alberta, Canada has provided customers with top-quality work in both commercial and residential projects. Co-owners Hieland Mayzes and Ken Rutley say their company’s biggest value is the honesty and integrity that it provides for all.

Looking to get an edge in 2009, Rutley began searching for an automated time and attendance system online. He found The ExakTime System and felt that it was the one system that met his needs because, above everything else, it was bullet-proof simple for his workers to learn and utilize. The system would also help Mayzes Masonry phase out paper timecards, which Rutley saw as a major bonus.

Rutley purchased ExakTime’s portable solution in February 2009, ordering ExakTime’s rugged, portable time clock – the JobClock – and Keytabs for employees to clock in and out with. He said implementing the system couldn’t have been easier.

“The employees got their Keytabs, and there wasn’t really a hassle to train them,” Rutley said. “It’s so simple.”

Rutley also implemented ExakTime’s mobile solution, PocketClock/GPS software, for his foremen. Now, his foremen can use their BlackBerry’s to track mobile crews or correct time records right from their device – just in case a worker forgets to clock in or out.

Rutley said his favorite feature of The ExakTime System is the ability to track different job activities, or cost codes. Rutley’s workers clock in with different-colored Keytabs to track activities such as masonry, travel or driving. ExakTime’s time tracking software, TimeSummit, organizes these time and attendance records and produces 100 percent accurate reports for Rutley to review right on his computer, which the owner has found extremely helpful.

“The most important reason why we got the system was for the job tracking itself, to track every scope of work on jobsites,” Rutley said. “Because we now have accurate cost codes for specific types of work, it helps us in our estimating and bidding for future jobs. We just have to look back at the reports, and we can use that as a reference for a new job of similar work.”

Rutley also said that tracking driving as a cost code has saved his business a lot of time. Canada has distinct laws for labor driving, in which workers are only allowed to drive a certain amount of hours per day in relation to the amount of hours they worked that day. Instead manually logging the times, now Rutley can simply turn in an ExakTime report to Canada’s Department of Transportation, detailing that his company abided by the driving law within his province.

Additionally, Rutley is seeing more accurate hours and a decrease in payroll expenses. He said on average, he sees about a $40 savings per employee, per pay period – a total of more than $14,000 every year. He also said his secretary’s payroll processing time has dropped significantly from the three hours used to take her with paper timecards.

By running a more efficient business out in the field and back in the office, Rutley said The ExakTime System has helped his company prosper while many competitors have faded in this economic climate.

“The system has been tremendously important,” Rutley said. “It might be the reason we’ve actually increased our jobs in the last year, and that’s why we’re busy. We could outbid a competitor by $1,000 on a job because we have accurate time records to look at, and that has increased the amount of jobs that we’ve worked on.”