ExakTime & GPS Data Usage

ExakTime prides itself on our app’s very low data usage, even with its GPS and GeoTrakker functions active.

We’re talking less than 10 megabytes (MB)—and it takes over one thousand megabytes to equal a single gigabyte (GB). This is good news, whether for supervisors clocking in and out for a crew or an employee tracking him or herself on an Android or iPhone.

GPS Data Usage

ExakTime Mobile could use close to 10MB per month at absolute maximum usage. And that would include clocking in and out multiple times a day, using FaceFront Biometrics photo ID verification four times a day, and running our GPS GeoTrakker—to show position and rate of speed of a mobile worker—constantly throughout a 40-hour work week.

(Note: Regular GPS data usage with ExakTime Mobile, which collects a device’s GPS coordinates along with each time punch and sends them to the cloud for anytime viewing in our web-based software, uses just 2,200 bytes per punch—a negligible sum.)

And even still, 10MB is only one one-hundredth of a GB, basically unnoticeable to an average user.

A Quick Comparison

For perspective, watching a two-minute YouTube video would use more data than ExakTime Mobile uses in a month.

Check out our infographic on this page—or download and share!