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ExakTime’s digital time cards are more helpful than ever

Amy Bourne |

ExakTime is happy to announce an exciting update of our Time Card Detail screen, to make it even easier, more accessible, and more customizable for your labor tracking needs.

As always, there are two convenient Time Card views available in our admin software: My Time Card and Time Card Detail.

My Time Card provides the basics in terms of hours worked in a certain pay period, whether completed or in progress.

As always, there are two convenient Time Card views available in our admin software.

Time Card Detail gives you more in-depth information on the where, when, and what of work performed.

Now, our Time Card Detail screen is fully customizable so that you can easily reveal and hide whichever columns are most relevant to you: Locations, Cost Codes, Regular Hours, Overtime, Start and Stop times, and more. This makes it a lot easier to review and manage the information you do need.

Comments have also become more flexible. If a user wants to leave comments on a workers’ time card, it can be entered in a field under the individual’s name or in a new column.

Finally, users can now add an optional Mobile Form column in Time Card Detail to see and edit (if necessary) workers’ responses to Mobile Forms. Mobile Forms are the short question forms employers can require workers to fill out at clock-out, asking whether they took lunch that day or were injured on the job, for example.

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Amy Bourne is the marketing copywriter for ExakTime. She enjoys learning about the real challenges faced in the construction-related field, and providing content that helps business owners work smarter.

4 responses to “ExakTime’s digital time cards are more helpful than ever

  1. We would really like to see the ability to modify the hours of what is considered a “shift day”. Our workers are third shift meaning they start their shift at say 10:00 pm and don’t finish until 6 am the following day. This renders your reports useless because in your system we have hours over 2 days that we need to “combined” to get their total shift hours for their workday. This creates a lot of manual work to add the times over 2 days to get their daily work hours. So as an example, we need the ability to modify the “setting” in exact time so that it will consider one of our work days 8 pm Sunday to 8 pm Monday and then consider 8:01 pm Monday as the beginning of day 2 of their “time Card”. We have been asking for this for 2 years and we have not been able to understand why this change would be so difficult to make available to us.When you say above “New features in Shifts officially launched” is this one of the enhancements you have added?

  2. It would really be helpful to have a 3rd option besides location & cost codes. It would be nice to have an option with key words describing the task. The “comment” section is nice, but we cannot select reports based on comments. However, if there was a 3rd mandatory field then it would help our management in knowing just how much time was spent in each field. We are a residential renovation company and so with just two fields of entry, it is difficult to get the detailed reporting we are looking for. For example, we use “location” to equal “job number”; we use “cost code” to equal “phase of construction” such as demo, framing, concrete, exterior finishing, windows & doors, etc. So if there were a third mandatory field linked to each of the “cost code” fields, it would give us more accurate reporting. The third field could be called “Description”, with some key words that employees could quickly choose from, such as Demo – roof, walls, floors, basement; Framing – roof, walls, floors, basement, etc.; Concrete – form, pour, finish, clean up, etc. Do you think ExakTime would ever make this available some time in future?

    1. Hi Angela! Unfortunately, this isn’t something that we currently support but we will take it into consideration for future development. We do offer custom development options—if you’d like, you can give us a call at 888-788-8463 and we’ll be happy to discuss how we can help. Thank you for the suggestion!


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