We don’t just sell a time tracking solution for construction and field service job sites. Sometimes ExakTime becomes a job site.

Right now, in fact, the marketing department is expanding its space.

You might wonder, why does Marketing at ExakTime need more space? Don’t you just write ads, same as always?

What Marketing does

Let’s start by explaining what the marketing department does day in and out. We figure out how to talk to you. We look at the language that you’re speaking so that we can speak it, too—otherwise you wouldn’t hear us! We also meet, talk with, and survey our customers and prospects to stay up-to-date on your needs.

And we think about how we can keep your attention without annoying you, while also convincing you of what a great product ExakTime is.

The nice thing—we’re not selling you snake oil. ExakTime is a great product, and we know that first-hand (and second and third-hand). This makes our jobs a lot easier.

Why it’s easy to market ExakTime

We hear over and over again—via social media, from our Customer Support department, on our blog, at trade shows, from the Sales team, and when we do case studies—how much our customers love our product. How much we’ve saved them, how much we’ve helped them with payroll, how they couldn’t live without us. How you would have to pry ExakTime from their cold, dead hands.

This makes our job a whole lot easier: saying good things about ExakTime comes naturally to us.

Still, with all the places people are putting their eyeballs these days—and all the techniques that are needed to stay at the top of the pile—marketing has become an ever more interesting endeavor.

So we are expanding the marketing team and department (again). This extra space is going to help us spread out a bit, so that our brains don’t bump into each other as much (not saying we’re geniuses, but we do have gigantic brains—har, har).

The added elbow room will allow us to create more great ads and interesting content that will hopefully help you grow and manage your business better.

Stay tuned on Facebook and Twitter and we’ll show you when our new space is done!