Have you ever considered how much time it takes the bookkeeper or payroll person at Payroll Management your small business to do payroll?

After you think about that, think about how much money the time it takes to do payroll is taking from your bottom line.

We’re sure that you like to minimize anything costing you unnecessary dollars. What about workers stealing hours?

While anyone that runs a business doesn’t want to believe that employees are stealing money by buddy punching or taking credit for hours that they didn’t work, it happens a lot. And that kind of time theft means even more money off the bottom line.

ExakTime’s portable, mobile and wireless time clock solutions were created to significantly cut down on the time it takes to do payroll and to stop buddy punching and time theft.

With ExakTime, payroll doesn’t need to be a chore anymore, and small business owners won’t have to worry about throwing money away on work that wasn’t delivered.

Accurate Time and Attendance Data All the Time

With all of ExakTime’s time and attendance clocks, employees’ punches are recorded at the jobsite with a portable time clock or on the road with a mobile application. These punches are then stored in the device, or in the case of PocketClock/GPS are time stamped at the employees exact location via GPS.

The newest member to ExakTime’s line, JobClock Hornet, wirelessly sends the records back to the office every hour for more accurate job costing and time management.

All of the time records that are recorded or transmitted with these devices talk to ExakTime’s time clock software, TimeSummit. Construction’s #1 time clock software, TimeSummit collects all of the time records and places them into advanced reports that take hours off your bookkeeper’s time.

No more adding up hours manually or trying to decipher messy handwriting. No more money wasted on excessive payroll management.

Biometric Time Clock Feature Eliminates Buddy Punching

Designed to help your small business put an end to workers punching in for each other, ExakTime’s mobile time clock, PocketClock/GPS, includes a biometric time clock feature.

Instead of your typical biometric time clock that relies on fingerprint recognition that doesn’t work well in dirty and dusty conditions, ExakTime’s utilizes the camera on your worker’s mobile device to snap a photo at their exact location.

Working with the GPS built into their phone, you’ll be guaranteed that the right employee is at the right location.

Let ExakTime help you never wonder if employees are stealing hours again.

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