img-home-hornetJobClock Hornet, ExakTime’s latest development in mobile workforce time management, is starting its first big work season.
As many construction work crews are heading back to the job site this spring, contractors are facing a major logistical issue: keeping an accurate record of workers’ time and attendance information for job sites that are miles away from the home office.

Stay in touch with the office

JobClock Hornet offers businesses a solution to this problem.

Hornet is ExakTime’s latest wireless mobile time clock, and it can keep crews in the field connected with the office throughout the work day. Hornet uses existing cellular networks to send data back to the office from remote locations. The data is sent every hour, keeping the office informed about what’s going on at the job site, helping you regulate your workforce.

JobClock Hornet is built for the job site

The job site is often a dirty and rough place. Sensitive electronic equipment does not last very long in the field, but ExakTime’s JobClock Hornet is built tough.

It’s housed in thick, rugged ABS plastic that can stand the inevitable scrapes and bruises presented at the jobsite.

Summer heat is also no threat to Hornet, as it can work in temperatures up to 170°F. It’s completely weatherproof. So rain or shine, JobClock Hornet will continue to give you accurate time and attendance records.

The practical solution to attendance issues

The battery on the Hornet is as tough as the rest of it.

It lasts one a month on a single charge and can be recharged at any time. And even if your battery does die, the time clock records are stored safe and sound on your Hornet.

With the busy summer season coming, you can count on the mobile JobClock Hornet from ExakTime to keep your workforce time management running smoothly.

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